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Apart from drawing,

baking cookies is a significant part of my life.

I began self-learning how to ice cookies because I have a strong love for sweets.

The best way to enjoy them and continue drawing all the time is by combining these passion


Gaita Cookie

Cindy is interested in combining illustration with different materials. For her, the cookie is one of the best "paper" to draw, and the icing is her "pen." Apart from cute designs and delicious cookies, sharing her care about gender equality is another core of this brand. That was why the Chinese name of Gaita Cookie includes the words of "him" & "her." 

Gaita Cookie was started in 2016, and it was suspended service in 2022 because of her going to the UK to study Illustration MA.

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Ann's Daily

At the end of 2021, Pei & Cindy set up another cookie brand—Ann's Daily. Different from Gaita Cookie, Ann's Daily aims to combine cookie boxes with picture books. In 2022,  We launched a specific theme of a mini picture book and a cookie box every month. From January 2023, Ann's Daily started a brand new way to provide their cute and delicious products.

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