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Open to commissions and collaborations,

looking forward to creating great work with you:)


Shin-Di is an illustrator and a cookie baker from Taiwan, currently based in the UK. She graduated with distinction with an MA in Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth in 2023. Following her passions, Shin-Dii's time is split between creating her own picture books, illustrating for books, handling freelance commissions, and baking. Over a six-year period, Shin-Dii has developed her own cookie business, incorporating her illustrations into her baking through icing and packaging designs.


Her illustrations are filled with emotions and vitality; unrestrained lines and dynamic expressive characters frequently appear in her creations. Shin-Dii's artwork always takes readers on an adventure alongside her characters; whether they are happy or sad, there is always a glimmer of hope ahead.

Book's Collaboration

《種傻瓜》  大好文化

(Growing Fools)

《​小選舉大作戰:關於那場自治市小市長的選舉》- 大好文化

(The Little Election Battle: About the Mayoral Election in My School )

小k菸大骷髏:關於我和緝毒犬的相遇- 大好文化
(K Smoke and Skeleton: My Encounter with a Drug-Sniffing Dog

《給自己六十歲的禮物用健康餐盤和重訓改變人生》- 秀威出版
(A Gift to Myself at Sixty: Transforming Life with Healthy Eating and Weight Training) 


MA - Illustration / Arts University Bournemouth
BA - Drama and Theatre / National Taiwan University 


  Shin-Dii  (Cindy Chen)

來自台灣台北,目前以插畫與烘焙為重心定居於英國。2016年成立了糖霜餅乾品牌 Gaita Cookie (給她/他);2021年與Pei成立餅乾禮盒品牌Ann's Daily (日日安)至今。期間,除了繪製接案插畫、書籍插畫,也為日日安創作了一系列13本迷你繪本,並於就讀插畫所期間創作了無字繪本作品 Journey期待未來能夠分享更多插畫故事。


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