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13 Mini Picture Books for Cookie Boxes

 These mini picture books were made for Ann's Daily, the cookie brand I run with my co-founder Pei. From December 2021 to December 2022, we launched a specific theme of a mini picture book and a cookie box as a limited item every month. The stories are mostly about Ann, the main character of this brand, and her friends and family. Some stories are about our experiences. Through the stories which are about emotions, relationships and reflections, I hope to bring courage and positive energy to readers.    

My Imperfect Wish


Deep within Ann's heart lies a wish. Christmas is approaching, and once again, there is an annual opportunity to make a wish to Santa Claus! After waiting in a long queue, it's finally Ann's turn. She can only make one wish, so what should she wish for?


Tiger's New Shoes


In the lunar calendar, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. When Ann encounters a Tiger desperately searching for his shoes, what will Ann do? Will the Tiger be able to make it to the celebration?


I used to think...


I used to believe that one's life was already quite splendid. I cherished the moments of solitude, and sometimes even thought about raising a cat and a dog in the future. I thought that by giving love in this way, I wouldn't be too concerned about receiving it in return, and I wouldn't be hurt. However, one day, someone entered my life, and everything changed.


Crooked Road


Have you ever reminisced about how all the people and things you've experienced along the way to your dreams have pushed and pulled you to this point? Ann's neighbour, Miss Pei, appeared elegant and mature in Ann's eyes, serving as a role model. But before becoming the shining person she is now, Miss Pei had many immature, disheartened, and not-so-beautiful aspects to her…


A Safe Place


"I am Ann's childhood toy, a round block. I am part of the building blocks family, and I enjoy being with everyone...They said I was so smooth, with no rough edges, and perfectly symmetrical! However, sometimes I'd echo the sentiments of the cylindrical block, but most of the time, I just kept quiet…"

This is a story about a sense of belonging, self-identity, and interpersonal relationships among peers. "Where do I belong? If my disguise and lack of self bring their affection, am I willing to continue wearing this mask? Silence or rebellion, Which one should I choose?" These are the questions that the round block keeps asking itself.


Mother's Name


May usher in Mother's Day, and for this month, we've designed cookies and a picture book that celebrates the essence of motherhood. Through the lens of this story, set amidst the grandeur of mountains and the tranquility of forests, readers can explore the diverse facets of mothers. They are more than just mothers; they are ordinary individuals, capable of both laughter and tears, tenderness and strength. Mothers are also daughters, wives, and once, they were children.


A Monster hiding in the Classroom 


Ann felt both excited and nervous on her first time in art class. Mum said to Ann, "When you feel uneasy, just draw! That way, the uneasiness in your mind will shift to the paper!" On the way to the classroom, Ann noticed that there seemed to be a monster following her, and it even entered the classroom with her. Throughout the class, the monster brought some challenges to Ann. In the story, whenever Ann faces a challenge, the reader can decide how she should respond. Will Ann be able to overcome the monster in the end?


Sweet and Sour Taste


In the midst of the scorching August summer, we introduced the lemon cookie box along with a lemon-themed picture book. This time, This story talks about various tangy emotions in life. Sometimes, it's just a matter of shifting your perspective, and the world can look entirely different. After all, life's variety of flavours is what makes it interesting, isn't it?


Am I Already an Adult?


In this story, we follow along with Ann as we venture into her future. Along the bumpy road of growing up, there are ups and downs, moments of sadness and happiness. Sometimes, as we look at our present selves, it's hard to believe we've reached this age, and we might even complain about our continued shyness and childlike personality. But looking back on the past, we realize we've also made many brave decisions and can be grateful that despite bearing many scars, we've chosen to remain kind.




There was a tortoise who always felt a bit slower than others. The tortoise was quite fearful of many challenges but managed to overcome them one by one. The tortoise also lacked confidence, always thinking that others learned things so quickly, while it couldn't. However, as the tortoise slowly walked the road for nearly thirty years, it began to discover some truths. Despite being a bit slower, it realized that any moment could be a fresh start. While it used to pretend to be mature, it found that accepting its childlike self actually made it happier.


Pumpkin Happy's Tears


Halloween is approaching, and Ann and her mum picked a big pumpkin at the market to take home. Ann carved a smiling face on the pumpkin, and her mum named it Happy. However, on that evening, strange things began to happen...


Little's Big Dream


This story is developed around Pei's own entrepreneurial experience. The protagonist, Little, may seem too kind and fragile, and as a result, many people may have preconceived ideas about Little, trying to provide a lot of suggestions and "take care of" her. However, within Little's small body, there are actually many thoughts and hidden strengths. Little wants to cast aside others' perspectives and bravely move towards her goals.


365 Days of Practice


The birth of the 13 mini picture books is a commemoration of Ann's Daily continuous release of 12-month picture books this year. One year ago, in the first book My Imperfect Wish, Ann made a wish to Santa Claus to become an artist. Over the past year, through Ann's 365 days of practising drawing, she felt frustrated with her artwork, which made her feel unconfident and dispelled the idea of sharing her work with Santa Claus this year. However, Ann later had new ideas...

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